Sunday, 15 July 2007

Going Into Bozo Mode On Hamilton Island

It's the end of day two of the Hamilton Island odyssey.

So far, I've been approaching this the same way I always approach a holiday ... do as little as possible and drink as much as possible :-).

The plane trip was quite enjoyable. I was surrounded on all sides by two- and three-year olds. They were having a grand old time, running around and jumping up and down on seats.

The only issue was the father who kept eyeing me as though I might be some kind of pervert. I suppose when you've been forced to put up with one of those little urchins for an extended period, it's hard to imagine someone could enjoy having them around without some ulterior motive!

After settling in, we took the shuttle to One Tree Hill, to drink cocktails while enjoying the sunset. Very nice, indeed. Photos of that, and everything else, will have to wait until I return, because my only internet access for the time being is this tiny, hotel-provided, shared machine.

Next was dinner at a restaurant called the Manta Ray. Nothing special, just (quite nice) pizza, beer and a cocktail ... no sign yet of anything served in a pineapple, but I'm still on the lookout!

After that, we went off to the Marina Tavern. The beers were expensive ... $12 for a schooner of Asahi ... so after a couple, we ended up drinking liqueurs for the rest of the night. I can remember Drambuie, Galliano and Grand Marnier, but I'm pretty sure there was at least one other in there, too.

At around 1030, karaoke started and the bar filled to capacity ... no accounting for taste! We staggered out of there just before midnight and walked back to the hotel.

I'll save the details of day two for the next post ...