Saturday, 6 January 2007

I Think My Skull Shrank !!

I had another very full day yesterday ... in more than one sense.

First was lunch with Susan and Matt at the Grace Hotel's delicatessen. A very nice beef rendang and a couple of beers. An unexpected guest was Jeremy, an old work colleague who I've not seen for a number of years and Susan just happened to run into on Thursday.

Then, I went to see Blood Diamond. It was reasonable, but I wouldn't say "don't miss it".

I had an hour and a half to kill until I was meeting my mate Jeff for a catch-up. That's not really long enough to do anything worthwhile, so I just jumped on the first bus that came along and went for a ride to Drummoyne and back.

On my return, there were still 20 minutes to burn, so I popped into Dymocks for a browse. This was my fatal mistake, because while I was there I ran into an old mate, Paul, who I knew through work (although I've never actually worked with him). He invited me to drinks with a group of other people who I know in the same way.

Anyhow, I first went for my planned catch-up with Jeff. Over another four beers, we discussed many things, including the future of video downloads, the contents of our iPods, the NAS he'd bought recently, the possible announcements at next week's MacWorld and a number of other things I can't remember.

After that, I strolled off for those drinks with Paul et al. We ended up at a pub called the Crown on Elizabeth Street. About half an hour in, a guitarist started his gig there ... what an amazing repertoire! During the evening, every request the audience made, he honoured.

It was great to catch up with those guys; almost worth this hangover. I just wish I'd taken my camera with me, because the place was definitely alive last night. I'll be going back sometime soon ... but I think I'll stick to low alcohol beer next time!

As you can see, yesterday I most definitely had a skinful ... and a half :-).

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