Friday, 5 January 2007

Another Lovely Day

As planned, I spent the day with Paul and Jeanie again yesterday. We started out at the Museum of Contemporary Art, which was very interesting, although I think I still prefer the Art Gallery of NSW.

We then had lunch in The Rocks. In this case, I was luckier than my friends. My Thai Basil Chicken was very nice, if not as spicy as I like, but their Nachos was apparently terrible.

After dining, we spent half an hour at the Customs House Library, where Jeanie and I explained a couple of Aussie words to Paul: flutter, skinful and chunder. A most amusing discussion.

We then caught a ferry to Kissing Point (that being the farthest Jeanie & Paul's tickets would take them). Our plan was to get off there and take a walk around until the same ferry came back from Parramatta about 20 minutes later, we guessed. When we checked the timetable, it turned out the next one that stopped there wasn't for an hour and a half! We had a nice chat, anyway.

We ended the day with dinner at a great Chinese vegetarian restaurant called "Mama Chu's", in Pitt Street.

Jeanie and Paul jumped on a train back home to the Blue Mountains and I went to see The Holiday. I'll save that for another post.

All in all, a wonderful day!

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