Sunday, 14 October 2007

Soylent Green Is People

Yesterday, I finally got around to watching a TV show entitled "Writing With Food" that I recorded earlier this week.

One interesting thing I learned from it was that in 1993 Gay Bilson, a Sydney restaurant icon, was in charge of designing the dinner for the Symposium of Australian Gastronomy.

As her contribution to the menu, she decided to cook a Blood Sausage recipe that is normally made using pig's blood, but using her own blood, instead.

While I find this an absolutely fascinating concept, apparently her colleagues were less enthusiastic and she eventually shelved the plan.

Lindsay McDougall, another member of the show's panel who is a vegan, made an interesting point: this would have been an animal-based dish that no-one who is a vegetarian on purely moral grounds could possibly have a problem with, since in this case the animal had provided itself on a voluntary basis.

I've always thought that I should bequeath my body to a university, for scientific research. Now, I'm wondering whether it would be possible to donate it for gastronomic research.

Taking Lindsay's point to it's logical conclusion, I don't see how cannibalism can be considered immoral if the person being consumed has offered their flesh willingly.

What's more, this may be the best reason I've found, so far, for getting fit. I'd hate the chef to get stuck working with a fatty carcass :-).