Sunday, 24 June 2007

Coders At Work

Peter Seibel, author of the excellent Practical Common Lisp, is working on a new book entitled "Coders At Work".

As a starting point, he has compiled an excellent list of important software developers.

For my own purposes, I wrote a small Ruby script to convert Peter's list into one that points to the coders' entries on Wikipedia.

In a bizarre piece of irony, it screwed up Yukihiro Matsumoto's entry, due to it containing extra quotes for his preferred diminutive, "Matz" :-).

Having corrected that, my list is still imperfect. However, the majority of the sample links I tried landed on the appropriate entry.

There's an MP3 of an interview with Peter about PCL at IT Conversations.

Oh ... before you ask what the image has to do with Peter, it's just a picture I found via Google images when looking for a decent photo of him. I liked it better than anything else I found :-).