Thursday, 17 May 2007

JavaFX Script Looks Interesting!

Sun may have finally come up with a language I'd enjoy programming in.

JavaFX Script is a dynamically-typed language (although you can specify types if you like) that includes ranges, list comprehensions a la Haskell, strong hooks into Java, a decent initialisation syntax, and some interesting operators for defining array indices based on value selection via expressions.

Classes can be defined with attributes that can be accessed directly or which can be bound to an expression that depends on other data. Whenever that data is modified, the bound attribute is updated accordingly. The bindings can be specified as lazy, which means the expression is only evaluated if the attribute's value is accessed.

Additionally, it is possible to define triggers that are activated whenever an attribute's value is updated (created, deleted or replaced).

All up, it looks like a language that may be almost as much fun to program in as Ruby.