Friday, 4 May 2007

Don't Miss Missy

I've just arrived home from Missy Higgins' concert at the Enmore Theatre.

I'm not normally much of a concert goer, apart from the occasional symphony, but I'm very glad I went along tonight. Missy was in fine form.

The repertoire was approximately a 50-50 split between old and new songs.

I'd only listened to her curent album once so far, and that was while sitting on a bus and a train, with my attention diverted by the SMH cryptic. So, this evening was really my first serious hearing of the new tracks.

On A Clear Night may take a few more "spins" to grab me the way The Sound Of White did, but I think it will definitely get there.

Misy was joined on stage by a nice little ensemble, including the sonorous tones of a cello player ... whose name eludes me at the moment, but visions of her black tights and tutu do not :-).

Anyway, if you can possibly make it along to one of her performances, do. If not, you'll probably have a host of videos available on YouTube in the next day or so, because the audience was a sea of compact cameras and phones tonight.

To save you a little effort, here's a search that should find them ... and below is quite a reasonable recording of Steer. Enjoy!