Wednesday, 10 January 2007

2008 ?! Come On Stevie, Show Us Some Love

As usual, I got up at 0415 this morning, to follow the live feeds on the various gadget sites as Stevie J gave his keynote at MacWorld.

First was Apple TV, which definitely looks interesting, but I sit in front of my 24" Dell widescreen all the time at home, so there's little value in sending content to the low-res TV on the other side of the room.

However, the other announcement was the iPhone (still don't understand how they can use that name since Linksys owns it; maybe they've licensed it).

This thing is slick! 3.5" touch screen, it works out in which orientation you're holding it and automatically changes to portrait or landscape, detects ambient light intensity to change the screen brightness, even detects when you have it up to your ear, so it can turn off the display to save power.

The screen is multi-touch, like their laptop touchpads, so you can use different gestures to control it. Reminds me of this ...

Most amazing of all is that it runs OS X !! So, I assume we can expect to see lots of apps that run on it. Hopefully, they'll release some kind of developer kit, so by the time it launches there'll be a heap of interesting software ready to go.

I won't even attempt to go into all the details. Just go check out the iPhone website.

The one bloody annoying thing is that they're currently slating release for June 2007 in the US, 4th quarter in Europe and not until 2008 in Asia.

I want my iPhone now !!!!

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GS said...

I was going to say that the Apple stuff was quite overshadowed by the uber-nifty video you displayed, but then I looked at the iPhone site. Looks grand indeed.