Tuesday, 26 December 2006

What A Lovely Day

I spent a large part of today with my friends Paul and Jeanie. We started off checking out the Art Gallery of NSW.

My last memory of visiting there is sometime around 1985. However, I do have a vague recollection that my old flatmate, Gil, and I may have gone there at some stage. I'll check with her when we catch up early in the new year.

Anyway, it was a most enjoyable experience! Particularly memorable was this Brett Whitely mural entitled "Alchemy".

After the gallery, we took a stroll around the Royal Botanic Gardens, which was very nice. I wish we'd seen more flowers, in addition to the various trees and shrubs, but we only made a short visit, which leaves the opportunity open for a longer ramble sometime soon.

One thing that did amaze me was the huge number of bats hanging from a grove of trees near the cafe where we had lunch. I just didn't realise bats were happy to hang around in the sunlight; I'd assumed they always found some dark grotto to sleep in during the day. Some of them were even flying around!

Before we parted company, Paul, Jeanie and I made a tentative date to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is somewhere I know I've never been. I'm definitely looking forward to that!

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