Saturday, 16 December 2006

So That's Where I Was Last Night!

I knew, the second I woke up this morning, that I'd been out last night.

I'm not sure what gave it away first ... the gentle throbbing of my head, in time to the chirping of the bird outside my window, or the fact that my mouth tasted like I'd licked the bottom of its nest.

Everything was going fine ... right up until that second bottle of red :-).

So, I grabbed my camera and found these (along with 90 other images of the evening). Ah yes, the Forge/Integeo Bah Humbug celebrations, 2006 edition!

It was a very enjoyable afternoon/evening. I'll post a few more photos over the next couple of days. Maybe it's time to finally get that flickr account ...

1 comment:

susan said...

yes, it is about time you got yourself a flickr account :)