Saturday, 30 December 2006

Let There Be (More) Light

While the images displayed by this installation on a building in Brussels aren't particularly impressive, the sheer scale is.

4200 separately controllable coloured LED bars provide the light show. People down at street level can change the display via touch screens that handle both individual touches and gestures.

They even have a remote camera that will take a picture and send it as a postcard. Very cute, indeed.

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Paul said...

remember we were talking about what art production could come up with in another 50 years? and we mentioned interactivity and computer technology ... 'let there be more light' describes the kind of things that i feel point to an exciting future. i always liked the idea of art creating fleeting expressions (not only, of course - i do appreciate the memorial leftovers from past times, otherwise i wouldn't read poetry or go to a museum). life in general and consumer societies in particular are about constant change, and art production does and has to reflect this. there is also a faint link to the bauhaus period which saw art as an attribute or quality of daily life ... anyway: i like the idea behind this belgian installation.