Thursday, 21 December 2006

I'm Definitely Getting Old ...

Today, our team had a fantastic end-of-year lunch at the Bayleaf Brasserie, an Indian restaurant in Crows Nest. Great food, wonderful conversation and a few quiet ales.

After that, I popped into the city to meet my mate Gavin for a few slightly noisier ales at the Belgian Beer Cafe, in The Rocks.

Gavin lives my dream ... a year ago he left the computing game to become a maths teacher and now works at a private girls' school.

We drank some wonderful Belgian beer and discussed mathematics for a couple of hours. Ah, so this is that Bah Humbug spirit people keep telling me about :-) !!

After that, we went to hear an Australian singer named Darren Hanlon at the Hopetoun, just up from Central station.

The music was good, the lyrics were interesting. However ... the concept of paying money to get into a venue, which is standing room only, and where one needs to push through the crowd in order to access the bar, is something this cranky old geek got over approximately twenty years ago (come to think of it, I can't actually remember when it didn't bother me).

I'd much rather buy the album and listen to it in the comfort of my own living room ... to which end, I've just purchased his latest, Fingertips and Mountaintops, and two EPs, via my subscription at emusic.

Obviously, I've turned into the kind of old fuddy-duddy I used to complain about when I was just a tad younger :-).

Anyway, it's time for my nap ...

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