Saturday, 30 December 2006

Cooliris Rocks! ...

... apart from a minor quibble, about which I will elaborate shortly.

The thing that really excited me when I watched the video tutorial was that you could highlight a word or phrase and, from the context menu, search an online dictionary, Google, Google images, or Wikipedia. That is very nice, indeed.

Now for the minor disappointment ... I thought this would be fantastic for blogging. As I was writing a post, I could highlight some of the text I'd penned, then use Cooliris to find a related image or Wikipedia entry, which is something I do all the time.

Unfortunately, the Cooliris menu item doesn't appear for text inside data entry fields!

There is a workaround that I can live with, though. If I preview my post, I can use Cooliris at that point. Since this is part of my normal way of working ... anal retentive that I am ... that's fine.

Who knows, maybe they'll add searching based on text boxes in a later release; I've already sent them a suggestion to do so. In any case, I definitely love the preview mechanism.

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